Price Adjustment Plan of Action

Important Definitions

List Price: The price that will cause a buyer to make an offer
Sales Price:      The price buyers and sellers agree upon
Value = Sales Price not List Price

Buyers determine value by comparison shopping. They look at the price of your home based on its features and benefits and compare it with the features and benefits of similar homes that have sold recently or are currently on the market.

If buyers have not made reasonable offers on your home after 30-45 days, what does that tell us about your List Price?

Minimum Showing Standards

Few or No Showings and No Offers…          10% Overpriced
Lots of Showings and No Offers… 5% Overpriced

Wouldn’t you rather receive multiple offers and have the power to negotiate than never receive any offers at all?


Price Adjustment Plan of Action

  1. Relist in MLS® with new price

  2. Update pictures as needed

  3. Update remarks in MLS®

  4. Reprint marketing materials

  5. Email and call agents that previously showed the home

  6. Email blast Coldwell Banker United, Realtors® agents

  7. Call agents in the area that we’ve recently worked with

  8. Call sign call buyer leads

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